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This song makes me feel so many things.

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North American River Otters

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accidentally stuttering while saying your snarky comeback


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Usually when people do that “you’re special” crap I tend to roll my eyes.

But when Mister Rogers said it…


That’s because Mister Rogers meant it.

Mister Rogers genuinely cared about everyone and that’s why he will forever be the best. All of my feels.

True fact: He was considered to be one of the hardest people to interview, because he would turn it around and ask questions about the interviewer with genuine interest. Asking about their children and spouses, their dreams of the future, etc.

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"Do you drive?"



"No, a real car."



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its a shame that in 6 or so billion years, any and all existence on earth will be wiped out by the sun’s expansion, and it’s almost scary to think about how even now the sun continues to grow bigger and hotter, sexy and hotter let’s shut it down. pound the alarm

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